Ties That Can’t Be Broken

Ties That Can’t Be Broken

There’s a story of a man who is about to pass on to the next world. He gathers his family around him and gives each person a straw, telling each one, “Now take this straw and break it.” Each person breaks their straw easily.

The man then produces another set of straws; these straws, however, are bound together. He asks each person to break the bunch. But guess what? No one can break it, because the individual pieces are bound together with not one or two or three others, but with many, many other pieces.

This story goes to show that when we bind our energy together – when we pray together as a group, not only with those in physical proximity to us, but with thousands and thousands of fellow Light-workers, our spiritual brothers and sisters all around the world – we become a powerful force saying in unison, “Are you listening, God?”

We need to force the Heavenly floodgates open with our love so that we can bring forth the spirituality of the Light force to our physical world. It is only through our individual and collective efforts that we can dispel the negativity that we see happening around us.

The only reason that negativity exists is because we haven’t yet arrived at the place where we are able to break it. We have not yet wiped the negativity from ourselves, our lives, and the world. But we must try to do so, and I believe we are getting closer and closer to doing so every day.