Love. Kindness. Unity.

Universal love is the foundation of the world’s different spiritual practices, teachings, paths and modalities. The totality of our life’s work, collectively and individually, exists within this teaching. When people live their daily lives from a place of love & unity we can change the world.

As the Founder of The Kabbalah Centre, Karen is devoted to an enduring vision—that within each person there is a spark of God that can be bound together to create transcendence beyond all differences.

More than four decades ago, Karen and her husband, Rav Berg, set out to make Kabbalah comprehendible and relevant to all people. Their goal was to teach the spiritual wisdom and tools of Kabbalah, without exclusion. They believed that learning Kabbalah could help people improve their lives, and that by doing so, the world would benefit.
Under their leadership, The Kabbalah Centre has grown from a single location into one of the world’s leading sources of spiritual wisdom, with more than 40 Centres around the globe that provide instruction and community to tens of thousands of students.

“We can bring peace to this world and create real lasting change when we find a way to establish a binding of people based on the spark of the Creator that is within each of us.

Bringing Unity Through Spirituality

Karen is certain that peace is possible and foresees a world free of hatred and intolerance. She works to cultivate a new paradigm of Global Spirituality in which people from diverse beliefs can work together to bring the world to a better place through mutual respect, dignity, and love for humanity.

Karen’s accomplishments

In an effort to bring the spiritual wisdom and tools of Kabbalah to all people, over 40 years ago Karen and her late husband The Rav Berg expanded The Kabbalah Centre from a single location into an international organization reaching millions of people with Kabbalistic tools and consciousness to improve their lives.

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Founded Spirituality for Kids

Spirituality for Kids International, Inc. (SFK), a 501(c)3 global non-profit educational program accessible to anyone online, seeks to spread social-emotional education to every child, everywhere. In over 10 years, more than 65,000 children in 22 countries have experienced the SFK program.

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Founded Kids Creating Peace

Kids Creating Peace (KCP) is a non-profit and a recognized NGO of the United Nations with the goal to bring peace to the Middle East from the seed level: its youth. Through interactive workshops and overnight summer camps, since its inception in 2006 more than 10,000 teens aged 13–17 have learned tools to effectively transform pain, fear and suffering into tolerance, human dignity, acceptance and peace.

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Created the Breath of Life Program

Breath of Life (BOL) unites eastern and western spiritual practices to achieve a mind, body and soul connection through meditation, breath work and movement. The practice combines sacred Kabbalistic tools with the ancient practice of Dahn Yoga.

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Co-Founded Kabbalah Children’s Academy

Since 1996, the Kabbalah Children’s Academy (KCA) encourages children aged 2 – 13 to grow academically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. KCA combines a quality college preparatory education together with a spiritual curriculum built on Kabbalistic principles and tools to instill a sense of purpose balanced with human dignity and tolerance.

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Volunteers with The Kabbalah Centre Charitable Causes

From participating in Habitat for Humanity builds to visiting the 250 sponsored Arab and Israeli children living with cancer at Sunrise Day Camps, Karen donates her time to the various causes supported by The Kabbalah Centre’s Charitable Causes arm.

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Karen continues to meet and speak with spiritual, political and thought leaders around the world about uniting all peoples through human dignity and peace

His Holiness the Dalai Lama
The Spiritual Leader of Tibet
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Founder of the Art of Living Centers
Imam Mohammed Ali Elahi
Spiritual Leader of the Islamic House of Wisdom
Michael Bernard Beckwith
Founder and CEO of the Agape Center International
Bawa Jain
Secretary-General of the Millennium World Council of Religious Leaders
Mabel Katz
Authority on the ancient Hawaiian healing method, Ho’oponopono
Ilchi Lee
Founder and developer of Brain Education and Dahn Yoga
President Mahmoud Abbas
Palestinian National Authority
Hilary Rantisi
Director of the Middle East Initiative at Harvard University
Dr. Jehan Sadat
Human rights activist and widow of former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat
Ibtisam Mahameed
Co-founder of the Women’s Interfaith Encounter
Professor Galia Sabar
Chair of African Studies at Tel Aviv University and recipient of the Dalai Lama Peace Prize

Hour of Spiritual Unity

To infuse the Lunar New Year, also the New Moon of Aries, with the energy of peace, unity and respect, 2017 marked the first annual #HourOfSpiritualUnity where Karen invited people from around the world to join together, regardless of their individual spiritual or religious paths, to participate in an hour of observance in anything that awakens the spirit. This collective effort reached 7.5 million people across social media globally with messages of peace and unity, in an effort to create a year that’s connected to the Tree of Life from which all the world can be nurtured.

Finding The Light Through Darkness

Finding the Light through the Darkness invites readers on a transformative journey. These inspirational essays rooted in the Bible and the Zohar help us understand the lessons our soul chose to experience, view difficulties as a chance to change, and realize that everything is part of God’s divine plan.

Translated in:
Spanish | RussianHebrew

God Wears Lipstick

This groundbreaking and bestselling book reveals the power that’s innate to every woman. From a Kabbalalistic perspective, Karen Berg outlines life’s deeper meaning, and gives tangibles solutions to issues women face today. She delves into the spiritual purpose of relationships — to reach our highest potential — and the way to enrich our connection to our self, our mate, our children, and God.

Translated in:
Spanish | RussianPortugueseHebrew | French | Italian

Simple Light – Wisdom from a Women’s Heart

From the woman regarded by many as their “spiritual mother”, and whose work has touched millions of lives around the world, here is a book with a message that is simple and straight from the heart: It’s all about love and sharing.

Translated in:
Spanish | RussianPortugueseHebrew

To Be Continued…

Reincarnation is the soul’s journey back to the Light via multiple physical incarnations. In each lifetime, the soul returns to the physical world to correct a different aspect of itself. In one incarnation a soul may need to learn about being rich; another it may need to learn about being poor. Or it may need to experience strength and weakness, anger and compassion, beauty and unsightliness.

Translated in:
Spanish | RussianPortugueseHebrew