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“Give love. Give it freely and give it quickly. For there is an unlimited capacity of love within you, and such a lack of it in the world today.”

Karen Berg

Author, Teacher, Spiritual Leader, Global Unifier

Over four decades ago, Karen and her husband, Rav Berg, set out to make Kabbalah understandable and relevant to all people. Their goal was to teach the spiritual wisdom and tools of Kabbalah, without exclusion. They believed that learning Kabbalah could help people improve their lives, and that by doing so, the world would benefit.
Under their leadership, The Kabbalah Centre has grown from a single location into one of the world’s leading sources of spiritual wisdom, with more than 40 Centres around the globe that provide instruction and community to tens of thousands of students.

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Connect with Karen

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A Groundbreaking Author in Spirituality

Two Unlikely People to Change the World

A Memoir

To Be Continued

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Including Finding the Light Through The Darkness and Simple Light: Wisdom from a Women’s Heart

Each week contains a unique energy to support our growth

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