The Revolutionary Millennial

The Revolutionary Millennial

Millennials are special souls. They don’t just believe in God, they want to experience God. What they might not know is that it’s their very destiny is to do so.

Google the word “millennial” and you are sure to find a deluge of disparaging articles: What’s Wrong with Millennials, Millennials: The Me, Me, Me Generation. As the Spiritual Director of The Kabbalah Centre, I believe it is vital for the every generation and especially the Millennials to understand their spiritual importance and impact on global consciousness.

Millennials are generally defined as the generation born between 1980 and 2000, they are supported by a wave of unique spiritual energy that assists them to serve the world at this specific time.

Kabbalistically, we understand that souls reincarnate in groups to complete a collective destiny. This generation is called, dor de’ah (generation of knowledge). This means that Millennials are possibly the reincarnation of the original generation of knowledge, the generation that left Egypt. There are no new generations; we are all old generations reborn. As King Solomon said, “There is nothing new under the sun.”

A significant portion of the millennial population was born with the astrological influence of Pluto in Scorpio (those born in November of 1983 through January of 1995). This arrangement of stars points to a transformation of consciousness. People born under the influence of Pluto in Scorpio care about the best interest of humanity, are driven to change the world, and have the capacity to do so.

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