Simplicity In The Light

Simplicity In The Light

Anyone can be a messenger. Once I was at a restaurant and the waiter said to me,

“You know, The whole God thing is very simple.”

I said, “Very simple?”

“Yeah.” he said. “God is very simple. When I’m filled with love and kindness, when I look at other people and say, ‘How can I help them or what is it that I can do for them?’ When I wake up in the morning and say, ‘I feel good inside. I feel hope’ — when I have those feelings, then I know I am with God.

“And when I have those other feelings like – ‘Why don’t I have that? Or, how come I’m a victim? How come I can’t do things like other people and when I do, no one notices?’ – when I have those feelings, then I know I’m not with God.”

Sometimes what is so simple, is also so true.