Love: The Purpose of Our Lives

Love: The Purpose of Our Lives

We are all familiar with the way most fairytales end. And they lived happily ever after. At the end of countless tales and stories, we find everyone ending up happy and, most importantly, in love. Why is it that so many fairytales end this way? I think it’s because we all know in our hearts that love is all there truly is. We know love is the answer to all our problems. Love is the final word. It is the reason we came to this Earth, and it is all that we leave behind when we leave.

Our Torah hints to us this secret. The Torah ends with the letter Lamed and begins with the letter Beit, spelling the word “lev”. “Lev” in Hebrew means heart. When a student was once asked to describe the entire Bible in the time it takes to stand on one foot, the teacher said, “Love your neighbor as yourself. The rest is commentary.”

Our purpose in life is very simple, but not so easy. All we are meant to do is to love one another.

This is the kind of energy the world needs now more than ever. This is the type of energy that brings about the peace, joy, and fulfillment we so desperately need and desire.

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