Introducing International Children’s Academy

Introducing International Children’s Academy

Over 20 years ago, The Rav and I established the Kabbalah Children’s Academy to provide a meaningful education rooted in our spiritual laws and values for children within our community.

In this season of renewal and affirmation, you may have noted my focus on letting go of the old in order to embrace a greater future. Thus, this letter about a change to our school is very well timed. To ensure the education we all want for our children and our grandchildren, the school and the Centre are becoming separate entities. With this change, the school that we started will be aligned to serve the educational needs of children within and beyond our community.

Through this change, the School’s core beliefs and spiritual program have been strengthened. They, along with enhanced, vigorous academics, will become our children’s and grandchildren’s lifelong guiding principles, their internal spiritual and emotional compass.

The school is currently working toward a rigorous International Baccalaureate [IB] certification whereupon, it will be among only a handful of early education and elementary schools with this extraordinary recognition for academic excellence, spiritual focus, and exceptional teaching.

The school’s commitment to spiritual and intellectual exceptionalism and its anticipated IB certification will raise international awareness for this school of which The Rav and I remain so proud.

The growth of the school includes a new name, International Children’s Academy (ICA), opening our program to a broader community of families who share our belief in spiritual focus and increased academic strength.

Many of you have chosen to support our school in the past and your continued generosity is more welcome now than ever. If you have school age children or know others who do, I hope you will suggest that they consider this 20 year old new school as an option for the family. Click here to receive more information.

In closing, please know that the magic that goes on behind the walls on the Robertson and Olympic campuses continues – with a new name and a public story of international focus and excellence that will serve this and future generations well.