Global Spirituality

Global Spirituality

When we decided to open these doors more than 40 years ago to all those with a desire to learn, the purpose of The Kabbalah Centre was the same then as it is today: To bring spirituality to as many people as possible, with the intention of improving their lives. Now today, even as we have 40 Centres around the globe, that purpose is stronger and more important than ever. The Centre is a place where all people from all walks of life come together. A person’s religion, race, ethnicity, or any other kind of difference does not matter here. At The Kabbalah Centre, everyone is given the opportunity to learn, transform, and connect to the wisdom and tools Kabbalah has to offer. What we teach is a universal and ancient spirituality that applies to all major religions of the world. The time has long passed since the secrets of the universe were under lock and key. We have entered into a new age of enlightenment that the prophets predicted: a time when everyone on earth will know spirituality. Not just a select few, but every soul shall have an opportunity to improve his or her life in pursuit of connecting to something greater than themselves. This has always been our mission at The Kabbalah Centre, to spread Kabbalah and its wisdom to all corners of the globe, and so will it continue to be.

I like to think our Centres are like magnificent trees growing around the world. These trees offer shade and respite from the often intense heat of life. It is time to allow these trees to expand their roots below the ground and to expand their limbs across the sky. I am ready to take this wisdom even further than ever before to reach a global audience. An audience I believe is hungry for knowledge and hungry to connect to the spark of Divinity within. I call this effort Global Spirituality.

The vision of Global Spirituality was the outcome of 12 years of work from kabbalist Rav Ashlag. In 1922, he began work on a thesis that would describe a world wherein individuals would worship in their own way according to their own path, and yet, profoundly all paths would be part of one global spiritual community.

The Bible from the portion of Noah tells us that God asked of us to be fruitful and be many. One religion was never a part of God’s plan. We are meant to be varied, to be different, and yet to act as One. To respect and celebrate each other, because each and every one of us has a spark of God within. In the words of the prophet Malachi, “Are not all children of the same father? Are we not created by the same God?”

In the lectures I give on Global Spirituality, I invite everyone to this spiritual awakening. The world is a great symphony. You cannot have a symphony with only a violin. Every part of our world and every person in it has a place within this symphony. For each person to whom we do not make the wisdom of Kabbalah accessible, we lose out on an opportunity to make the beautiful music the Creator intended for us.

The concept of Global Spirituality is one that is very close to my heart. I hope you will join me in the coming months, as I continue to reach out around the globe, visiting new organizations, faiths, and groups, the likes of which we have never reached before. Reaching beyond our walls to connect to new people helps make our roots interlock. In this way, we create a stronger bond, uniting us as a team. I look forward to seeing you in New York City on October 28th when I’ll be speaking about this topic of Global Spirituality at the New Life Expo. Then, on to Los Angeles where I am honored to be a part of the wellness lineup at Summit LA18 and share the stage with Al Gore, Howard Schultz, Arianna Huffington, Ram Dass and many more from November 2nd through November 5th. And finally, Toronto, Canada on November 6th where I’ll be speaking at the Parliament of the World’s Religions.

Rav Berg once wrote, “Unity is when we overcome the characterizations of the separateness of each other and choose instead to connect on a soul level.” We need each and every soul in this world working together, so that we may rise above our differences and connect instead to the divine attributes that bind us. There is Light that exists in everyone. We just need to understand that. I know the wisdom of Kabbalah can help make that happen, and I hope you will join me in this effort.

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