Dance of Liberation

Dance of Liberation

The study of Kabbalah can oftentimes be intellectual and esoteric. It has been my life’s work to make this important wisdom more accessible, so that all with a desire to learn may benefit. The truth is simple and universal. The wisdom of Kabbalah is not only found in ancient texts, but also in us, in our spirits and even our bodies. We are all children of the Creator, made in His image. The gentle touch of a loved one, looking deeply into the eyes of another, or the outpouring of a caring heart all contain the secrets of the universe and of Kabbalah. This wisdom emanates naturally from the soul into the mind and the body. This is why we can find true authentic wisdom and spirituality through movement modalities. Opening ourselves to another form of spiritual practice, like movement, allows us to connect further to this vital energy. Movement opens a doorway to bring this wisdom to more people, helping them to connect to the Light of their soul. In this way, we can remove the shadows of life, creating more peace, joy, and fulfillment.

I am so honored to be partnering and collaborating with Parashakti, the founder of the movement modality DANCE OF LIBERATION™to help facilitate this process. Together, we will be leading several upcoming retreats where we will unveil the deep connection that has always existed with the spirit, mind, and body. DANCE OF LIBERATION™ is a seven-step, life-changing program rooted in the power of movement and dance. It is a practice and teaching of the wisdom of the power of seven and how it resonates with immense spiritual energy. The seven-stage process of DANCE OF LIBERATION™is a guide to a life of joy, vitality, and purpose. The seven steps support deep soul work, shedding inhibitions, and heightening inner awareness. Each process explores the spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, and power of identifying one’s Neshama, or Soul Call.

Our upcoming retreats are called Expression of the Soul. They will blend ancient mystic teachings with the embodied physical understanding of the Self. I will help awaken participants’ spiritual vision so that they experience the Light that exists in all things, while Parashakti will lead participants in experiential dance that gives a home to a newly awakened consciousness. Dancers are blindfolded in the shamanic tradition and step beyond their conscious fears and limitations, allowing their innermost creative sides to break free!

Parashakti and I hope to see you at one of our upcoming events, as we learn how we connect more authentically to the Light of the Creator that resides in each of us, and that has always been just at our fingertips waiting to be discovered.

Expression of the Soul with Karen Berg and Parashakti

Participants will learn skills and teachings of spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional growth and evolution via the practices of meditation, group process, gentle yoga, lectures, dance, nature walks, breath work, art work, and journal writing. Participants will explore the meaning and power of identifying one’s Neshama, or Soul Call. Looking forward to seeing you there! For more information and to register for a retreat with myself and Parashakti please visit

  • January 6-11, 2019 1440 Multiversity Scotts Valley, CA
  • February 3-10, 2019 Rythmia Life Advancement Center Guanacaste, Costa Rica
  • June 9-14, 2019 Omega Institute Rhinebeck, NY
  • April 7-12, 2019 Kripalu Stockbridge, MA